Better Living through Awesome Technology

Advanced Logistics Solutions

AwesomeSource provides intelligent logistics solutions via a custom-built API service and client apps.


Understand exactly where your payloads are, instantly.

Payload Agnostic

People, pizza, or packages.
Whatever you're moving, we'll help you do it better.


Request/Offer exchange technology for logistics.

Global Scale

The AwesomeSource API is designed to support even the largest global customers.

Client Apps

Custom client applications to suit various industries including rideshare, food or commercial delivery services.

Blockchain Technology

Improving visibility and traceability throughout the lifecycle of your payloads.

Team Awesome

Matt Camp


Matt has over 20 years professional experience across network and systems architecture, engineering, design and delivery for some of the world's largest financial, insurance, transport and telecoms companies in both the public and private sectors. Matt has been involved in the founding and management of a number of successful startup companies including an audio streaming company, a radio station, and a UK-based IT consultancy.

Mike Larsen


Mike has been working in the IT industry for over 15 years designing and building web-scale platforms for media and financial organisations.

Mike has worked across the spectrum of technology, from operations through infrastructure and software architecture, as well as leading development teams and project management.

Chantal Chaney


Chantal has nearly 10 years experience working in business development, strategy, marketing and sales across a range of companies from software development to international investments. Chantal also has experience of the setup and operation of a joint ventures between the private and public sectors.

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